Monday, February 27, 2006

Coming Attractions

Forgive the slow posting today.

As many of you know, Monday and Tuesday are always taken up with compiling my contributions to the coming weekend's edition of The Tablet. That's been especially true in this go-round as I was putting to bed a feature-length piece recounting an interview I was privileged to have last week with Cardinal Lubomyr Husar of Kiev, head of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church.

"The Tablet Interview" with Cardinal Husar lasted over an hour, and it was a wonderfully refreshing and impressive experience. Those of you who are subscribers can read all about it on Friday, but to do the session justice I may have to transcribe a bit more of it.

Also, and this has been in the hopper for some time but will shortly be coming to light, subscribers to Liguorian magazine can look forward to a reflection on the legacy of John Paul II in the Redemptorist journal's April issue (very good article there this month about depression).

When I penned that piece and sent it in, I couldn't help but think there was so much else to say about one of the most prolific eras in the history of the church.... Such is the nature of the beast.