Friday, January 27, 2006

St. Hutton's Temple of Schism

Even after two years, cari fratelli e sorelle, your humble narrator never ceases to be amazed at the decibel level of those who love calling out dissent in all forms (even where it doesn't exist), and the (shouldn't be surprising) reality these were the exact same ones who walked on their knees to The Passion of the Christ, acclaiming it as the most Catholic thing since Jesus.

Or Trent. But you get the idea.

As further proof of how ridiculous all that was, Bishop Mel is building Msgr. Daddy a church. (Psst! Catholics don't do that):
Gibson put up the money at the request of his father, Hutton Gibson, 87, who has been driving three hours each week from his Summersville, W.Va., home because there was no church of his liking near his home, the Pittsburgh Tribune reported Wednesday.
"No church of his liking...." Well, that gets passed off as Catholic in many parts these days, doesn't it, now?
The Gibsons have chosen as their church leader a former priest who is no longer in good standing with the Catholic Diocese of Greensburg, Pa., the newspaper said.
Licit, schmicit....

Who ever said being licit was important, again? Oh, that's right -- just the Catholic Church.
The Rev. Lawrence Persico, vicar general of the Diocese of Greenburg, told the Tribune the Gibsons' church would not be recognized as Roman Catholic.

"A Catholic church, to be truly in communion with Rome, must be in communion with the diocesan bishop," Persico said. "I don't know where they get their legal authority. It's not a Roman Catholic church, no matter what they say.
Did someone say "Heresy Trial"? Well, hey, they are in style right now....