Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Peter, Witness of the Resurrection

Continuing our coverage of the Piero Marini-championed return of the ancient rite of the Resurrexit in the new Pontificate, our good friend (and camauro enthusiast) Zadok the Roman writes from hiatus to inform that, after its initial (Marini-advocated and researched) return to the celebration of Papal Easter in the Jubilee Year, the (Marini-tasted, John Paul-approved) ritual had, in fact, been used in the following years over which John Paul II was able to celebrate the morning Mass of Easter Sunday.

The photo above, showing the Acheiropita icon returned to its ancient place at the liturgical heart of the holiest day of the Roman calendar, comes from Easter 2002 and also comes thanks to Zadok's research.

As Easter this year also happens to be Papa Bear's Birthday, we're led to wonder if that celebration will have a liturgical aspect.... Not like he could make a wish on the Paschal Candle or anything but, you know, just something special to mark the Big 7-9.

(Hard-core Ratziphiles know that Joseph Ratzinger was also baptized on the day of his birth, which happened to be Holy Saturday in 1927. He spoke in his Milestones of being the first baptized with the Easter water.....)