Monday, January 30, 2006

Laying the Groundwork?

A call came in this morning from one of our trusted sources, known for his proficiency in predicting and reporting all things SSPX. (This guy has never broken communion, however.)

The line was this: that on Wednesday, all the Lefevbrist groups will be meeting somewhere in France. As the source said in predicting its likely outcome: "The excommunications will be annuled, mass sanations of everything [i.e. the illicit rites conducted through the years], and the indult will be granted in privatu -- that is, for private celebrations."

Minutes ago, an e.mail arrived from Rome reporting something in that ballpark... And Novus Ordo Watch is running an alert which states that "Source tells Novus Ordo Watch that there will be a meeting of all religious societies that have ties with the SSPX, in Flavigny, France, on February 1. Secondly, the SSPX Higher Council will meet on February 7-8; all four bishops will be present."

Could it be -- the Devil really won't need his refrigerator anymore?

SVILUPPO (8.35pm): Further information has arrived on the meeting....

Apparently, it has been called at the behest of Mons. Bernard Fellay, the SSPX Superior General, and the First Assistant General, Fr Franz Schmidberger. I'm told that a split exists among the Society's four bishops, with Richard Williamson said to be "obstinate," possibly prepared to lead those of the group who decide not to return. No word is given as to the stance of the other two bishops ordained by Lefevbre in defiance of the Holy See and John Paul II in 1988: Tissier de Mallerais and Alfonso de Galarreta.


SVILUPPO (12.30pm, 31 January):
For those entering the blog through this post, a further update on tomorrow's meeting can be found here.