Monday, January 02, 2006

The Fund Drive Ends?

As you might know, the Year-End Fund Drive is supposed to end today. And it still just might, if the guitar case nets enough to keep me from having to warn of dire straits for the foreseeable future. (Donation bar is on the right side, beneath the bio and the archives.)

I'm so grateful to those who've already been so kind as to lend a hand. Please know that thank-you e.mails are coming; such has been the state of the holidays, sickness, having to run around like a headless chicken, etc. that I haven't been as combobulated as I'd like to be. Later this week, I'll finally have that state of mind back, so please be patient just a bit longer.

In case you haven't yet checked the three-article package for the Churchman of the Year, posted on New Year's Eve, please do so. I'm especially proud of these pieces, and they embody the kind of off-the-beaten-path, in-depth coverage I'm keen to focus on in 2006. (Because, let's face it, where else will you find anything else quite like it?) Of course, this can only happen if the conditions are present to keep me sane and fed with a roof over my head and WiFi coming from the Magic Box. So, to that end, please know that this work is only as good as the ability it has to pursue its beat with accuracy, depth and the most well-formed analysis possible, and that's only something I can do with your continued encouragement and support.

All thanks again in advance, and all my prayers and best wishes to everyone for the happiest and most richly blessed of New Years. More in a bit.