Saturday, December 24, 2005

Yes, Virginia, Levada Is A Kingmaker -- Part XVIII

Bishop-elect Randy Calvo of Reno was kept from his new diocese yesterday due to weather difficulties. So he did his interviews on the phone from Redwood City.

Interestingly enough, a quick consecration is planned. Calvo will be ordained and installed in The Biggest Little City in the World on 17 February, timed so his Bischofvater -- who'll be out West for the installation of good Archbishop George in The City two days earlier -- can be present to see his handiwork fulfilled, and so he can lay hands..... (Calvo gets one of those coveted wild-card slots, as his former bishop is the principal consecrator by virtue of his being metropolitan.)

Just in case you were curious: No, I won't be staying around for it -- unless I get to make the trip with Levada, himself. Extant that treat, one installation a month is more than enough to keep my blood pumping.

Time to clean up, watch the beginning of Papal Midnight (the Latin chanting of the Kalends -- which is an absolute disaster in its English musical setting -- is one of my favorite moments of the liturgical year), then a jaunt to the hospital (my grandmother's still there, thanks for the prayers, will update soon), then to this new, strange reality of Christmas Eve Dinner (the year's great feast) in a place which isn't my Gram's house.

More on the other side of Midnight.