Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Very Ressourcement Christmas

A couple quick notes on this beautiful Christmas eve:

1. Our man in Providence reports that the Steelers' banner which was Bishop Thomas Tobin's pre-playoffs holiday greeting to his Patriots-loving flock is now "D-O-W-N DOWN!" (Those shots were taken but two days ago, by the by... The photo at left is Pats' QB Tom Brady getting to meet with JP after one of the Super Bowl victories.... Can't say that Roethlisberger's had similar good fortune.)

2. I wrote the other day about the demand for tickets to tonight's Midnight Mass. It was so tough to get a seat that even top officials of the major congregations were being shut out. Well, one of our good friends found a ticket in his mailbox this morning. He's telling me to keep an eye out for him tonight; he'll be "the one with reindeer antlers and shiny nose" leading the way for Santa Pope.

3. The buzz in Rome is that the camauro and ermine mozzetta were gifts to Papa Ratzi from his favorite princesses, Alessandra Borghese and her "apostle," Gloria Thurn und Taxis. Those who'd like to send a note of appreciation can address it to Schloss St. Emmeram, Regensburg.