Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Milestone and A Heads-Up

Overnight, the Loggia received its 200,000th Visitor since the trusty Sitemeter was kicked off just over six months ago. This comes at the end of what's been a record-shattering month of visits, which'll probably surpass 45,000 by the time the Ball drops tonight.

I'm humbled and very grateful to everyone. All thanks for making this little corner of blogdom a part of your days and a trusted source for breaking news, analysis, and whatever else I've got on my mind on slow days.... You're the ones who've made all this what it is, and that's more encouragement than I could've ever dreamed. Thank you!

(And, I'm compelled to remind, the Year-End Fund Drive ends Monday.... For those who already haven't, please consider throwing a couple coins in the guitar case to help keep all this going. It's not easy -- nor cheap -- work, but I do love it to bits.)

We will announce our choice for the 2005 Churchman of the Year in the afternoon, hopefully by 3pm Eastern time, 2000 GMT.