Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bad Journalism or Another Diocesan Stupid Committee?

Time for more of the hard-hitting investigative journalism for which I've become infamous....

In my other day's suspicions about the odd timing on the settlement of six year-old lawsuit against the diocese of Nashville, I reported that the Nashville Tennessean said that when the settlement was announced, "The amount paid to the pair [of plaintiffs]... will not be revealed to the public."

However, thanks to tip from the ground there, the diocesan paper almost simultaneously announced that, "the diocese will pay the defendants a total of $1.2 million and volunteered to pay for up to three years of counseling for the parties who brought the suit..."

You'll have to forgive me for asking the stupid question: Who's the idiot here? The journalist who didn't do sufficient research and thus duped readers, or the diocese for announcing something which, according to the local paper of record, wasn't to be revealed.


I'm really curious to get to the bottom of this.