Thursday, December 29, 2005

B16: How's He Doing?

NPR ran a piece on Papa Bear at the eight-month mark this morning, basically running with the stock line that he hasn't completely been what either right or left expected.... Usual suspects interviewed: Tom Reese, Fessio, etc. etc.

I'll open comments on this one, but please limit it to reactions to the story after you've listened to it. If that doesn't show itself to be the case, the box will close.

Many thanks in advance.



Blogger Schonborn Site said...

their comments about a "purge" of theology faculties... well, what is the seminary visitation but that? And thanks be to God for it. Does NPR not know about this?

"Benedict did not dismiss the idea of having married priests in the future." completely false, of course.

ditto, electing conservative bishops - at least in the US, he certainly IS doing that.

as far as what Benedict is and is not doing, I think he's displaying a trait few political leaders can muster - patience. :)

oh well, it was worth it just for the audio bites of peter's square at conclave time - magnificent!

29/12/05 14:15  

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