Tuesday, November 29, 2005

In My Times....

Under any normal circumstances, the following would be a blurb to note and then place aside
Gays and the Priesthood

"Concerning the Criteria of Vocational Discernment Regarding Persons With Homosexual Tendencies in View of Their Admission to Seminaries and Holy Orders," the pithy title of the Vatican's much-anticipated pronouncement on gays and the priesthood, has not yet been officially released, but is available in an unofficial translation.
But when one considers that this was published in The New York Times Week in Review, if you're me, you get a little dizzy and feel the love of God in your brain. As the son of a newspaperman, and a devoted worshipper at the altar of the Ochs family, this is Ichiban. However, I'm still poor, so if anyone from the Times sees this, I am taking offerings in the guitar case (button on the right).

There's only one place to end up from here, my friends.... On the cover of the Rolling Stone.