Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Dorothy Goes Off

The confluence is almost too good to be true: The morning after a copy of the long awaited Vatican document banning men with deep-rooted homosexual tendencies from seminary formation was leaked to the Italian journal Adista, Judy Garland is screaming on American radio.

I kid you not. Allow me to explain.

With 15 or so shows left before his Infinity contract expires and the big move to satellite radio takes place, Howard Stern & Co. are on vacation this week. As they do when they're off, the "Best of Stern" is running. And, for some serendipitious reason, today was the day they decided to re-run the segment when the gang listened to clips from "Judy Speaks," a CD of dictations from tapes Garland made to prepare for an autobiography she never wrote. I tracked down clips, and those in listening mood can find nuggets of her meditations here and here.

A priest once told me to keep an eye out for the self-described "Friends of Dorothy." In some strange cosmic way, from the Great Beyond, it seems that she's keeping an eye out for them.