Saturday, November 26, 2005

Culture Corner

So Santa Rock is in his Workshop right now (ho ho ho) putting together a mix CD -- a service to the cute suburban girls one stumbles across in bars on Thanksgiving Eve....

As good mixing requires structuring, plotline and balance, and because I haven't touched a CD in almost two years thanks to St. iPod, the process is one of my favored manifestations of the soul -- it gives me an excuse to actually listen to my collection, which now mostly sits dormant thanks to my satellite wonder. God, I love that thing. It's even got EWTN on it.

In other things musical, as I keep missing his appearances here, earlier today I checked the website of the Hasidic Reggae singer Matisyahu to see when he'd be back in town. After a swing through Israel in mid-December (General Admission: 129 Shekles. Seeing the price of something listed in Shekels: Priceless.), Matis is playing the Theatre of the Living Arts (the most amazingly intimate and fun venue in Philadelphia)... on Christmas Eve.

To think: straight from the "Waiting for Moshiach" party, I'd be off to Midnight Mass. Talk about your quickly answered prayers.

From the wonderful world of publishing, it hasn't been plugged anywhere else, but John Allen is going to be on NPR's Fresh Air Monday as the Opus Dei media blitz continues. And just today, I got a gift copy in of the Via Crucis as written by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger for Good Friday, 2005, just released by Pauline Books and Media. It's goregous -- Ratzi the aesthete would be well-pleased with the artwork chosen to match his prophetic meditations.

During the American Academy of Religion Conference last weekend here in Philly, I was much-pleased to share some good beer and even better conversation with Peter Manseau, author of Vows, the story of his parents and their ecclesiastical journey, both within the structures of the church and in their marriage. The book has been (rightfully) well-received, and anyone interested in a "People's History" of the archdiocese of Boston spanning the last fifty years will find it a fascinating, emotional and challenging read.

For any of our friends in the Boston area who may be interested, Manseau will be making an appearance and reading from the book in Cueninville (heretorefore known as Newton) this coming Tuesday night. More info, directions, etc. can be found here.

And one last thing: Anyone interested in Summer School? Not just any Summer School, of course; the inimitable Fr. Reggie is taking applications.... As several of our good readers privileged enough to call themselves Reggie Alums can tell you, it's quite an experience.

If you plan to apply, good luck -- however you say it in Latin.