Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Four Hours and Dinner

John Allen interviews Father Hans Kung.

The Pope "personally prepared" yesterday's statement from Navarro-Valls which stated that "Both parties agreed that, in the space of this meeting, it made no sense to enter into an argument about the doctrinal questions remaining between Hans Kung and the magisterium of the church."

As Kung says below, there were "no reproaches, no polemics" from Pope Benedict the Great.

A Sept. 26 statement from the Vatican did not say who had requested the meeting, but said that it took place in a "friendly climate" and that Benedict XVI offered special support for Küng's efforts to build a Weltethos, or a moral framework based on values shared among religions which can also be recognized by secular reason.

That statement, Küng told NCR, was prepared personally by the pope and shown to Küng for approval prior to release.

Both parties agreed, according to the statement, that it did not make sense to go into the "persistent doctrinal questions" between Küng and the magisterium of the Catholic Church.

"We should not have delusions," Küng said of what the meeting suggests about the pontificate of Benedict XVI. "His stances on church policy are not my own."

Nevertheless, Küng said, he regards the meeting as a "sign of hope for many in the church with the same vision as mine."

He described the session as "very joyful," with "no reproaches, no polemics."

Küng said he did not request that Benedict XVI restore his license to teach Catholic theology.

I'm supposed to meet with Kung next month.... Maybe he'll be a Cardinal by that time and I'll get to kiss his ring. How thrilling is that!



Blogger Ben said...

I think I figuered out Rocco. He says ridiculous things like this in order for us to make comments, visit his site more and be emotionally brought in. Because there is no way he could actually think this.

27/9/05 15:19  
Blogger John Hearn said...

I don't know Ben, maybe that pope out in the midwest somewhare will make the good Father one of *his* cardinals! Of course Cardinal Kungs ring would come from a crackerjack box...

27/9/05 16:20  
Blogger Richard said...

Perhaps Rocco merely means to imply tht Dr.. Kueng will fulfill the apparent hopes embodied in this invitation that Kueng will experience a remarkable conversion and return to the full orbit of orthodoxy.

With a witness like that, who could deny him a red hat?

27/9/05 19:03  

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