Thursday, August 18, 2005

Who's the Looser Cannon?

Lots of love to Charlotte Hays, Beliefnet's Loose Canon (one "n" -- thanks, Jeff):
Am I growing fickle? LC still adores caustic Catholic blogger Diogenes, but I have to confess I am becoming mighty devoted to Whispers in the Loggia's coverage of B-16 and the World Youth Day.
I really appreciate sentiments like that as I'm covering the event from a humble home-office in Philadelphia. Could you imagine the goodies I'd have if I were actually in Cologne? And could you imagine how freaked out Gessica would be? (That is, if they let Gessi anywhere near the city.)

Now, I'm blowing out my cellphone bill to keep tabs on the ground over there, so I have to make another humble request for anyone who has the means to please remember the guitar case. It's right along the right sidebar, and a little goes a long way toward getting the job done.

My creditors join me in expressing advance gratitude. Grazie mille.

And, Charlotte, my Friday crib sheet for Cologne will be posted in short order.



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