Sunday, August 28, 2005

What You Wish For

The other day, in response to Diogenes' weekly McCarrick heresy trial, one of Lawler's people wrote:
In early July, the Cardinal did submit his letter of resignation. It's now in the Pope's hands. Please write to His Holiness and urge him to accept that retirement - and pray, pray, pray!!!!
Remember that these are the people who love telling you that the church is not a democracy and the cafeteria is closed -- except, of course, when their agenda dictates otherwise. The Pope's doing a fine job, and he really doesn't need angry self-anointeds doing the whole Lord-impersonator thing and threatening to take the Keys away from him.

But the mill is churning, and the word's been circulating that, indeed, the DC transition might well be coming soon -- sooner than expected. At this point, I'm hearing that the forecast for Washington can be summed up in one word: Wilton.

Talk about an answer to prayers!



Blogger John Bianco said...

Hmm, Abp. Wilton Gregory has been in charge of his metropolitan see for only 6 months or so, and and look in the Catholic hierarchy web site and from memory, I can not remember the last time when the head of a metropolitan see was transferd to another see without serving there at least a few years.

If Wilton Gregory is appointed to be the head of the see in DC, it would fly in the face of what one would think of the qualites Pope Benidict XVI would want in a bishop, especially when one is the head of the DC see and dealing with Catholics in the public life. But for you Rocco, Wilton Gregory is the type of go along, get along Bishop that you seem to like.

28/8/05 20:51  
Blogger Rocco Palmo said...

Francis George -- appointed archbishop of Portland in Oregon, 30 April 1996... appointed archbishop of Chicago 7 April 1997

John O'Connor -- appointed bishop of Scranton, 6 May 1983... appointed archbishop of New York, 26 January 1984

Sean O'Malley -- appointed bishop of Palm Beach, 3 September 2002... appointed archbishop of Boston, 1 July 2003

Lapse of memory, John?

28/8/05 21:34  
Blogger John Bianco said...

I said metropolitan see, meaning an archdiocese. Evan Cardinal George was in place for longer than Wilton Gregory has been in plac ein Atlanta, and in Cardinal Georges favor, he grew up in Chicago.

The other two examples were bishops being appointed out of small sees, the last example Rocco, the appointment of O Malley to Boston was a fire alarm situation, with O Malley being appointed because he dealt with massive abuse claims before.

Anyways, in Abp. Gregory is appointed to the head of the DC archdiocese, all I can say it would be a less than inspired choice, but hey, it would preserve the status quo!

28/8/05 23:09  
Blogger Disgusted in DC said...

Portland is a metropolitical see. It would be highly unusual to transfer Gregory from Atlanta so quickly. Not my first choice for DC, but he is an excellent second or third choice. DC requires a good public face, and Gregory is that. Gregory served admirably as the public face for the Church during the terrible 2002 crisis. While I disagreed with his "zero tolerance" policy, I was extremely grateful for how skillfully he - and he alone, in my view - salvaged the public face of the Church. Gregory is believed to be aligned with the progressive wing of the episcopate, but that shouldn't fool the Diogenes fan club. They are more likely to get what they want from Gregory than they are from John Myers, for instance. Things often aren't what they seem.

29/8/05 09:59  

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