Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I have a feeling that, from Cologne, B16 will be going to Taize.... More on that as things develop.

On other things, from today's New York Daily News on WYD with an appearance by one of those damn Vatican talking-heads:
"Young Catholics were drawn to John Paul's personality," said church analyst Rocco Palmo. "The new Pope is extremely reserved. He has to remind young people that even though there's a new singer, the song remains the same."
That's right. From the same people who brought you "Beauty and the Priest"....

I'm honestly trying to figure out what happened with the numbers. For some reason, they shot up at 8am Philly time this morning to an unheard-of 465 an hour... I'm wondering where everyone came from.

Not that I'm complaining. More soon.



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