Tuesday, August 23, 2005

TV Recap

Just so you know, snowflakes, I've got 50 bucks riding on some MadTrad having shot their TV at the sight of me last night.... Don't let me down.

The Big Show went really well, so well that I got this great e.mail from a viewer after it aired:
"Nicely done Mr. Palmo. You showed the audience that orthodox Catholics CAN think for themselves and express their ideas without histrionics or the use of skewed and false statistics."
He called me orthodox... I must've scared small children or something. But I digress...

The panel was comprised of:
  • Fr. Joe McOscar, who was ordained a priest of Philadelphia, left to marry and maintains a ministry (pro-optional celibacy)
  • Louise Haggett, who runs rentapriest.com (pro-optional)
  • Coleen Kelly Mast, a host on Ave Maria Radio (pro-mandatory)
  • And, of course, The Snowflake-in-Chief (pro-mandatory)
McOscar and I were in the studio, Haggett in Boston and Mast in Chicago. This being Philadelphia -- where "Six Degrees of Pharaoh" is the ecclesiastical parlor game of choice -- Father Joe, his wife and I spent time in the green room talking of old friends and swapping stories. They were great company backstage, and it was such fun having Joe on-set with the moderator and me.

The live hour itself was great fun -- and there's no way to explain it, you just had to be watching.... And if you were watching, send me some feedback.

And here's the rub: Every afternoon, the show posts a webpoll related to that night's topic. Last night's was "Should Priests Be Allowed to Marry?" When the initial results were revealed at the half-hour, it was 2-to-1 in favor of lifting the discipline of mandatory celibacy.

For some reason, by the time the show was up, the numbers had flipped -- the Crew were astonished, apparently such a shift doesn't happen all that often -- and the margin became 2-to-1 for retaining the status quo.... Look at what good can happen when the Bearded Marys are kept hidden.

All in all, it was a fabulous time, thanks to everyone at CN8, everyone who watched and everyone who wanted to watch (not because they wanted to shoot the TV).

Buona notte.



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