Wednesday, August 31, 2005

"This I Believe..."

A very sweet article from The Inquirer on a new-old feature of programming on San Francisco State Radio, known to the world as NPR:
Here are some things Americans believe:

It is cool to be kind to the pizza-delivery dude and important to go to funerals. Savor the halcyon times; remembering them will get you through life's nasty surprises. Justice isn't simple, truth isn't relative, and living honestly is harder than it looked when you were young.

That's a sampling from the three-minute contemporary essays, some solicited from famous people and some submitted by regular listeners, that National Public Radio has been broadcasting weekly in a series called This I Believe.

Apparently, This I Believe was a big syndicated radio bit in the 50s... Edward R. Murrow propogated it because Americans were afraid to state their beliefs "for fear of being perceived as unpatriotic".... What perfect timing for its return.

If I could invite three people germane to this work to submit their own This I Believe essays, Richard Williamson would be #1 on the list. While listening to him hold forth, I'd hold a hand counter so I could keep track of every religious and ethnic group he insulted during his exposition.

Who else should I ask?



Blogger Jimmy Mac said...

Cdl. Henry Vennholme of Evangelium Christi.

What, you don't know who he is?

31/8/05 21:08  

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