Tuesday, August 16, 2005


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An ecumenical favorite at the Vatican was stabbed to death by one of his own followers today. Zenit reports....

The founder of the French religious Taizé Community, Brother Roger, was attacked and killed by a mentally disturbed man [CORREX: woman] during vespers, his community said.

Roger, 90, was attacked, probably with a knife, during evening prayer today at Taizé, near Cluny, in the eastern Burgundy region, a member of the community told Agence France-Presse.

The Taizé movement started during World War II, when Swiss-born monk Roger Schutz, living in Taizé, provided a refuge for those fleeing the conflict, irrespective of their religion.

Roger, a Protestant with a degree in theology, devoted his life to the reconciliation between Christian denominations.
Multiple wire reports confirm that the attacker was a woman, not a man as reported by Zenit. Details otherwise remain sketchy -- the attack took place at 8.30pm Taize' time; immediate medical assistance was available, yet he succumbed in the community chapel. According to one wire, "Sources close to the 100-strong group said he was about to give up his community functions later this year because of his advanced age."

More from the Australian Wires:

Police said a woman stood up during a religious ceremony attended by some 2,500 people and stabbed Brother Roger three times in the throat.

The 90-year-old died immediately.

A 36-year-old Romanian woman was overpowered by worshippers and detained, police said.

Roger, a Protestant pastor from Switzerland, enjoyed great respect among religious leaders.

Brother Roger founded the Taize monastic community in 1940 after leaving Switzerland at the age of 25 and buying a small house in the village of Taize, where he welcomed refugees fleeing World War II.

Today, the Taize community is made up of more than a hundred brothers, including Catholics and Protestants, from more than 25 nations. The community sees itself as an effort to reconcile divided Christians and separated peoples.
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Blogger Perry Lorenzo said...

Very sad, of course: and terrible for the others there. But Br Roger was a man of great faith and inspiration: and he gave his whole life to inspiring others to pray. God bless him in his witness.

Perhaps it is not simplistic to note that he died as a witness at prayer, and such is the greatest thing that any of us can do!


17/8/05 00:00  
Blogger Tony said...

Some of my favorite music came from Taize. This is quite a loss.

17/8/05 09:48  
Blogger Jimmy Mac said...

Tony, I think the beauty of Taize is that it isn't conditioned on any one individual. The music, the spirituality and the attraction to the youth of the world, all have a firm foundation that was laid by, but not solely dependant on, Brother Roger. Taize never has been a cult of personality.

18/8/05 17:26  

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