Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Selling Out?

You know, our friendly neighborhood Office of Communications here in Philadelphia is in search of a Specialist.... It'd be the perfect marriage, if only we weren't at loggerheads with each other about pesky details, like the role of secular press in covering the church.

Picture it, though: they'd have someone who knows the beat and has impeccable PR savvy to make a convincing message in the public square -- I didn't earn the moniker "Quote Machine" for nothin' -- and I'd get money and get to live my life doing what I love doing, i.e. working to make Rigali's ministry and the life of my local church the most effective it can be. Every day would be as enjoyable as a vacation.

Best of all for the bosses, I'd have to close the blog down and, if the deal was right, I'd do that without a gripe.

Now, it'll never happen because I'd have to take a marker to the flowchart to ensure a suitable comfort level for all parties involved. But beware, snowflakes, the thought has entered my mind.



Blogger jennstall said...

That sounds like it would be an amazing opportunity for you. Are you sure it would be selling out? Could it be instead an opportunity to change the way things are done?I would love to see you investigate it a bit more, but oh I would be quite woeful if you had to shut down the blog!

16/8/05 15:00  

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