Friday, August 12, 2005

The Post-Prandial Stroll

Only a curial cleric-turned-academic could use that title line in conversation and keep a straight face. God love those Peoria cats.

Admittedly, this blurb is a "filler." I just like posting in threes -- it keeps things on the up-and-up and jibes with the whole superstitious Southern Italian element of my psyche....

The counter's about to tick off a mind-blowing 2,000 visitors in 25 hours... and I thought things were good before.... Do you know what this means, snowflakes? I'm too astonished and humbled to think about it.

Elsewhere, Charlotte Hays of Beliefnet's Loose Cannon says this outlet "has had several scoops." Between that, the audience growing like gangbusters and "Rocco's got the goods" -- which might well be engraved on the wall here sometime soon -- everything but the money seems to be ticking up. (Hint, hint: Donation button on the right sidebar....)

But it's time to saunter out a bit and see the world, and remind myself that I have a life. It's a good thing to do in August, even in an uber-muggy East Coast city.

More soon.