Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Over and In, Last Call for Sin

Greetings from a secure, undisclosed location. Thanks to everyone who's been e.mailing and wonderfully kind. I promise to be in touch tomorrow -- this has been yet another hectic day, but some final matters for your attention before I return to some more needed R&R:

  • A commentor confirms: "[A] lay minister... had been asked to assist in the sacristry [sic] and was there when the Archbishop was served. Levada was quoted correctly. He confirms that Levada did call the woman a disgrace to the Church." Oy vey -- so it wasn't the subpoena, but the process server. For the million-and-18th time, mitred people, DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER!
  • The archdiocese of San Francisco is putting out word that Levada's successor will be appointed "within the next six months." I'll put down money -- money I don't have -- that we'll have an appointment, and possibly an installation, by Christmas. Now, I've been making noises that if one of my fair-haireds gets the nod, I'll show up in Ichiban Jim's town to preside over the Installation Salon (always a fun ritual of the circuit party). Is Sodom-By-The-Sea ready for that?
  • The Holy See has released the full and official English translation of B16's remarks to the priests at Aosta -- by far, the best speech of the pontificate because the Pope winged it. And the official translation does, indeed, render "oracolo" as "oracle." CNS -- who translated it as "prophet" -- has some big-time 'splainin to do. Big time.
  • Amy the Fair (who knows that I exist) is seeking leads for bloggers who will be present next week at WYD. It might be a good time to let everyone know that, even though I won't be going (your humble writer doesn't do the camping thing -- too humble for a son of Pharaoh), I will have several sets of eyes and ears on the ground to send back some good stuff.
And with all that, buona notte. Time for drinks....



Blogger Matthew Lickona said...

By the by, The Wanderer has it as "oracle"...

9/8/05 10:38  

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