Thursday, August 18, 2005

On the Plane

This is a really amazing shot -- all credit to Tony Gentile at Reuters. All the things that could've been going through his head at that moment....

Captions, anyone?



Blogger John Hearn said...

In persona Christe.

18/8/05 18:43  
Blogger Gyrovagus said...

"My beloved homeland . . . but no longer my home: When you are older, another will gird you . . . ""

18/8/05 20:27  
Blogger Sam Martini said...

Wow - this looks like a Vermeer or an icon - it took me a minute to see it was a photo! A bit ethereal and lonely too. The phrase that comes to mind for some reason - maybe the "otherworldliness" of the pic - is "Totus Tuus" (JPII's motto)
or "All Yours" - he is all God's, Jesus Christ's , Mary's , and also belongs to all those lovely kids there in Koln and around the world.
Boy - that one got me waxing philosophic....

18/8/05 20:31  

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