Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My First Meme

Lickona, bless his heart, wanted to find out the nitty-gritty of my book collection, so he tagged me.

Of course, the titles accounted for below are from my own collection, as opposed to works on loan from the Vatican Archives -- I can't put Tauran and Charlie Burns in a sticky position. We're holding some things in safe-keeping here so that Dan Brown can't find them and turn them into more ludicrous fiction. Oh well. Here goes:

Name your three biggest non-reference books (excluding the Bible and text books).
Name your three biggest reference books.
Tag three others.
By "biggest," we're not looking for number of words. We're looking for weight. Heft. Something you'd drop on invaders while defending a castle.

Three biggest non-reference -- all art books:

Decorative Art of the Hermitage
The Public and Private Worlds of Elizabeth I
Treasures of the Vatican (it's Caravaggioliscious)

Three biggest reference -- all work books:

"The Official Catholic Directory" (PJ Kennedy -- one needs a forklift to transport it.)
Annuario Pontificio (aka The Bible.)
The Church Visible (James-Charles Noonan, Jr. -- if you have a copy of this that isn't as worn as my own, do yourself a favor and hawk it on eBay for $500. There is a creepy audience for it that will pay.)

I really don't have anyone to tag with it, but if anyone wants to answer this in the box, then go for it.



Blogger Disgusted in DC said...

I'm one of those creepy guys that loves Noonan book. It's full of stuff that one can't find anywhere else, (though it's already a little dated). Though, I must admit that I haven't looked at it in several years.

9/8/05 14:47  

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