Monday, August 15, 2005

My Favorite Photo

You know, when I chose to use this picture of His Eminence as our "mascot" here, I never thought it'd take on a life of its own...

Apparently, someone's been so kind to submit it, in my name, to the Magnificenzo Mural hanging on the wall in Cologne. I'm sure the Good Cardinal would be very happy about that.

Along those lines, for those who didn't see it before, Jimmy Akin's Caption Contest using this photo as its fodder is definitely worth a visit.

How ironic that most of the captions sent in had something to do with a conclave.....



Blogger Julie said...

OK but now it's time for the real you, since Amy announced that you don't look a thing like your picture ;)

15/8/05 20:35  

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