Tuesday, August 16, 2005

More from Econe

The newly resurgent Papabile takes the Fellay/Ratzi meeting buzz to the next level, along with some other great meditations.

Until about five minutes ago, I had no clue the American branch of the SSPX was located in Kansas City. That's very interesting....

And, from the Clark Desk, it's all over the Daily News that Laura DeFilippo went to pray yesterday. Wearing the shortest "cuffed high" shorts anyone has ever seen on a 45 year-old woman.

Affair rumours (and that's all they are -- rumours) aside, that she even worked for a guy who made a good bit of his living off of people who believe in mantillas-all-the-time is some crazy hypocrisy on Clark's part. That's the stuff that touches a nerve with me. But oh well.



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