Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A Moment in Cologne

Tim Drake really did get to see something special in the Rhineland Eveningtide.

Tonight, after enjoying dinner with some local pilgrims, we passed through the platz directly in front of the Cathedral doors. There, jamming the platz, had to be at least 1,000 Poles....

They were holding and waving back and forth red and white banners, and literally hundreds upon hundreds of flags silenty before the large poster of Pope John Paul II. One could not help but feel moved by the silent tribute to this man whom they (and we) loved so much. This continued for several minutes and then was followed by a very tender rendition (in Polish) of "Lord, you came to the seashore in a boat," [Pescador de Hombres].

There's a photo there but, as Tim says, it sure doesn't do the moment justice.

After hearing of this, I'd really like to be there right now.... More in the morning when The New Frontman comes to the seashore, again in a boat.



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