Saturday, August 20, 2005

Mass Notes

A press backgrounder on tomorrow morning's closing liturgy in Colgone is making the rounds.... Here are some snips:
The Gloria is accompanied by South American Quenas, ZampoƱas and Charangos. In the Asian Credo one hears an Indian sitar, drums set the tone for the African Sanctus, and in the Agnus Dei it is the Australian didgeridoo that serves as the characteristic instrument.

Prayers of intercession
During this service, the prayers of intercession will be read not only by young people but by two senior citizens as well. This is intended to draw attention to the fact that even at a World Youth Day, the Church is a Church made up of persons of all ages.

And as for the vessels, we're told that "3,000 patens and 100 chalices of stainless steel have been produced and donated.... The contour of the liturgical vessels resembles a hemisphere, evoking the open earth in which God plays a part."

So stainless steel vessels fit muster. Good to know.



Blogger Papabile said...


Let me be somewhat explicit about World Youth Day. The organiztion of WYD and its implementation has been left to dioceses in the past. In fact, at previous WYD's, they violated directives that had literally come out in the three months before that WYD.

Just because this diocese chose to use stainless steel is no precedent for the Universal Church.

I would also note that custom can only be established by one who legitmately is empowered to. In this case, no local Bishop could do so, and unless there is a rescript by Santissimo, no custom is established. Since he is the Supreme Legislator, he can exempt himself from whatever laws he wants.

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