Friday, August 19, 2005

Lace Alert

So the Pope wore a lace rochet again this morning.... Let the man wear whatever he wants, but don't you ladies out there take it as some kind of greenlight for Gessica-style gin and backbiting.

For more from the Granny's Tablecloth department, the Venerable Don Jim runs the legendary picture of John Paul II at S. Cecilia in Trastevere, where he wore fiddle-back, dalmatic, lace alb and the fanon -- each of which inspires pant-wetting from a certain set. The four combined is a Tridentine's equivalent of the Playboy Mansion. Or backstage at the Tonys, whatever.

So if that's your thing, check it out and don't make a mess from all the excitement.



Blogger Rex said...

Saw the FANON at

I've seen & read about this in the pre-Vatican II devotional/catethical books of my grandmother, and it's GOOD to see it again by the Holy Father.(Requiescat in Pacem)

KUDOS to "Papa Ratzi" for wearing a rochet - to show to MOST bishops that it is so much different from a surplice

19/8/05 15:20  
Blogger Disgusted in DC said...

Who is Gessica?

19/8/05 15:23  
Blogger kelley sterling said...

Pant-wetting? Messes? Rocco, I think you secretly love the lace.

19/8/05 17:13  
Blogger Gyrovagus said...

Oh - Oh!

You're in for the attacks now, Rocco!

Let's see if the catty posters from Clayton's House of Wounded Feelings were able to manage an Internet hook-up (you should pardon the pun) on the Provincetown ferry!

Wonder how many of the gang will be Tivo-ing your TV appearance on Monday night! :-)

19/8/05 17:18  

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