Saturday, August 20, 2005

Just When You Thought He Was Chastened

The Clark story just won't stop. Check out this nugget from our friends at the Daily News:
Msgr. Eugene Clark made $280,000 in the last six years as vice president of the Homeland Foundation, an upstate charity that gives grants to Catholic causes, according to the foundation's tax returns.

Clark's married secretary, Laura DeFilippo, with whom he is accused of carrying on a long affair, also did work for the Homeland Foundation - making up to $15,000 a year, a foundation source said.

I really don't care about affair rumors. This is the stuff that gets me batty. Works out to around $47K a year for the Good Monsignor....
Clark heads the Homeland Foundation's grants committee, which gives away more than $2million a year to groups that reflect the eclectic interests of its late founder, Chauncey Stillman.
Full disclosure: yours truly is the Vaticanologist-in-Residence at the New York Daily News, where I've earned the moniker "The Quote Machine." Just thought you all should know.

And, no, said Machine doesn't get paid for his services there.



Blogger jennstall said...

$47K a year? Big whoop! That's not exactly rolling in the dough, is far less money than other people involved with "non-profits" take home as salaries, and diocesan priests don't take a vow of poverty. Of more concern, to me anyway, is the apparent nepotism on behalf of DeFilippo.

21/8/05 04:01  
Blogger Samuel J. Howard said...

Umm, it's only nepotism if they were having an affair. It's not nepotism to hire someone you work with at one job to work with you somewhere else too.

21/8/05 05:05  

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