Thursday, August 18, 2005

I Couldn't Have Paid For Weirdness Like This

More from the "EWTN Blew It Again" Desk.

While the first German Pope since Luther was slowly moving through the streets of Cologne to the Archbishop's Residence, within arm's reach of hundreds of thousands of screaming, chanting, enthralled young people, Alabama went dark on B16 -- to show footage of Adolf Hitler.

I kid you not. There's obviously a historical connection with the papal homecoming, but to blare it is a bit overzealous, no?

So while many of us actually got to see World Youth Day taking place, people who wanted to see it (but don't have access to CTV -- where it really is all about the Pope) were treated to old films of Nazi rallies. (The audio was turned down, and the visuals were just too shocking to endure for more than a minute.)

Combined with the network's demonstrated preference for chatty neocon propagandists over actual event coverage, this has not been a banner day for the ad orientem crowd in Alabama.

Why they did this, I can't tell you -- the Nazi images were too revolting to watch. But I guess they see them as more important than the Pope, so...

Judge what you will. I'm just calling it as I saw it. That's my job.

And apparently some Trads are flipping out that young people representing all language groups read the theme of this World Youth Day from the Book of the Gospels at the Welcoming Ceremony.

I need a break from all this madness.

PHOTOS: AP/Reuters



Blogger Sam Martini said...

CTV had great streaming video coverage for those without EWTN (although it sounds like having this was not necc. useful today). They just let the video and audio go with no voiceovers and nonsense.

18/8/05 20:39  

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