Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Hypocrisy Festival Continues

From the "Takes One to Know One" Desk, this is just precious.

So Sick Rick goes on national television and blames Kennedy and Kerry for clergy sex abuse. And who's running to his defense? None other than Deal Hudson, who knows a thing or two about predatory behavior. From CNA:

Deal Hudson, a Catholic analyst and former editor of Crisis magazine said recently that, “If Senator Kennedy is trying to say that Boston’s liberal environment does not influence culture and values, he’s ignoring the evidence of the many Catholic members of the Massachusetts legislature who spoke publicly in support of gay marriage and legalized the creation of human clones for scientific experimentation.”

Deal, I really don't wanna hear about a "liberal environment" from a thrice-married libertine. If you really want to talk about the sanctity of marriage, remember this escapade from your Fordham days?

In the taxi “Dr. Hudson began pulling me close,” according to Poppas.

“On the train, he began to feel my breasts outside my sweater and coat. We missed the Fordham stop (I’m not sure whether on purpose or not). We went to his house, he put me in his car, and he went up to tell his wife he was bringing a student back to Fordham.”

Once in the car, said Poppas, “Dr. Hudson told me to lay my head on his lap, suggesting fellatio when he unzipped his zipper. I did both. I sat up and said ‘Hold on a second, wait just a minute…’ He replied ‘Yes, let’s wait till we get to my office.’ ”

At Fordham, “He took me into his office, laid his long coat down, and laid me down on top of it. He began touching me, unzipping my jeans and pulling up my shirt. I was just glad to be laying down, I could barely feel my body.”

Hudson performed a sexual act on Poppas. He asked her to reciprocate, which she did. “Then he took me to Sesqui, my dorm,” recalled Poppas.

The next day, Poppas continued, Hudson telephoned and asked her to lunch. He took her to McDonald’s in the South Bronx.

“He told me … not to tell anyone, which I promised to. In my eyes, I was the one who had done wrong. I was the one who had acted disgustingly.”

As you saw, Deal was married at the time. The girl was an 18 year-old freshman. He lost his job at Fordham over that night and paid out a $30K settlement.

It gets better:

In September [2004], he was forced out of his position as Crisis publisher by his board after five Crisis columnists brought up accusations of more recent sexual misconduct by Mr. Hudson and threatened a walkout.
Mmmm... Just sumptuous. And serious people should take this cat seriously when he preaches about perversion? Fat chance.

A CNA commentor hits the perfect note. He gets the last word:

Mr. Santorum should sit down and shut up. While Senators Kennedy and Kerry are hardly lightning rods of virtue, Rick Santorum went out of his way to help defeat a prolife candidate from Pennsylvania. Toomey had a chance to beat Arlen Specter but Rick is a Republican first and a prolife Catholic second! A defeat for Alen would have been nice. Then Mr. Specter wouldn't be the chair of the Judiciary Committee and in a position to "bork" Judge Roberts. Actions speak louder than words. Is there a single, living 100% prolife person in the entire US government? What is his/her name, please?

Given Deal's record, he should take this guy's advice on Santorum to heart.



Blogger Tom said...

Mmmm... Just sumptuous.

You do know what morose delectation is, right?

3/8/05 10:46  
Blogger Rocco Palmo said...

Wow -- it seems my Diogenes impersonation's been noticed. Sumptuous.

You do know what parody is, right?

3/8/05 10:50  
Blogger Tom said...

Yes, I do know what parody is. I also know what parody is not, and what it does not justify.

In any case, one Diogenes per World Wide Web is more than enough.

3/8/05 13:56  

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