Monday, August 22, 2005

Grist for the Homophobe Mill

Lou just sent this along -- tip and thanks to him.... A 64 year-old Argentine bishop resigned on Friday. The AP tells us why....
The resignation of a leading bishop, Juan Carlos Maccarone, shook Argentina's church hierarchy as a published report alleged his departure was triggered by an improper relationship.

Church authorities on Friday reported the resignation of the bishop of Santiago del Estero, but did not give a reason why he was leaving his diocese in central Argentina.

On Sunday, the prominent newspaper Clarin ran a front-page story citing sources as saying a video containing "compromising images" had been received by church officials that purportedly linked Maccarone to a 23-year-old man.

The paper said its report was based on authoritative sources it did not identify by name. Church officials had no immediate comment on the report.

Somewhere, in his cave, Diogenes is smiling and typing away....



Blogger CDE said...

How do you define a homophobe? Someone concerned by a celibate cleric who breaks his vows with another man?

22/8/05 16:51  
Blogger Jeff said...

I knew you'd go back to the ol' "homophobe" game sooner or later, Rocco. So I saved up this story which I'd read before but encountered again recently. The lesson? You don't know how good you and your pals have it in the Catholic Church in America today!

A couple of years ago, a Russian Orthodox priest blessed a homosexual "union" at the Mother of God Chapel in Nizhniy Novgorod in Russia. The response of Church authorities? First, they defrocked the priest. Second, they bulldozed the church to the ground. Third, they set fire to the rubble.

These are the guys our Pope wants put at the forefront of the ecumenical endeavor. Three cheers for him. Makes Diogenes (and me! and me!) seem like charitable voices of sweet reason and moderation, doesn't it? Of course, the attitude betokened by the above behavior of our separated Eastern brethren is that of traditional Christianity, which is--if you like--"homophobic" in its nature and essence.

"Fearing" sickness, sin, and perversion is healthy. Calling them a "lifestyle" and identifying your very self with them is--well, sick, sinful, and perverse, I'm afraid. And since the vast majority of the sexual scandal affecting the Church and which is destroying dioceses and devastating families involves homosexual predation on teenagers, it's time to start a Renewal, it seems to me, rather than being cowed into silence with silly off-the-shelf secular words like "homophobia" and gratuitous accusations of "meanness."

Of course, all sinners who, like me, try to repent and change and call Goodness and Evil by their right names are always welcome, even if they fail repeatedly. I'm not sure that those who try to make ecclesiastical institutions serve their own ends of inculcating vice and see nothing wrong with their own behavior can be so easily accomodated.

My wife and I saw a sign in our neighborhood public library recently urging support for some "Gay Rights" initiative and asking, "If not Equal Rights, then what?" Our answer: "Repentence, that's what."

22/8/05 16:54  

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