Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Go, Go, Gomez!

From the addicting CWNews News Bytes, the archbishop of San Antonio has been named one of America's 25 Most Influential Hispanics.
"My vocation is not one of power; it's one of service," [Gomez] said. "Any bishop is a source of connection between the Catholic community in the United States and people in civil authority."
Hmmm... now that latter statement is an intriguing one. Implication being that the bishop is an intermediary broker for all Catholics, a la Spelly? Pretty old-school stuff, especially given the number of Catholic professionals who have their own "sources of connection" out there.
As for rumors about being selected as the first Hispanic cardinal, Gomez said it's more likely a Hispanic cardinal would be appointed in Los Angeles than in San Antonio because of that city's large number of Hispanic Catholics.
OK, but nobody said that Hispanic cardinal-archbishop of LA wouldn't be Jose Gomez in six years. That's one of the surest bets around.



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