Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Crazy Spam

As you've probably seen, our comboxes -- a Vatican II Validity-Free zone, by mandate of the Trads -- are getting hit with vicious spam.... I know that I do many crazy things, but hawking Cialis is not one of them.

Anyone know how I can alleviate this? Either post a comment alongside the condemnations, or feel free to drop me a line. All thanks in advance.



Blogger Christ-Haunted said...

Hi Rocco. Blogger has a word verification feature where the commentor has to first type in a random series of letters before entering a comment.

You can find it either at the "Dashboard" page, or here:

31/8/05 17:29  
Blogger Christ-Haunted said...

Also you can go into Blogger and under "Settings" change the window that says "Who Can Comment" from "anyone" to "registered users". Word verification is good for keeping out the automated spammers, while changing your settings allows you to screen out the human spammers attempting to hijack your combox.

31/8/05 17:36  

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