Saturday, August 13, 2005

Clark Update

From the Daily News, the good Monsignor is still in residence at St. Pat's.
The Archdiocese of New York drew a veil over the priest and his reputed paramour, who deny any affair even though they were videotaped checking into a Hamptons motel.

Spokesman Joseph Zwilling would not answer how long the 79-year-old priest would be allowed to live at the Madison Ave. rectory. Nor would he elaborate on the church probe of the alleged affair.

Did somebody say "grace-and-favor"? No comment, either, on Laura DeFilippo's status.

Zwilling said, "I don't comment on the status of the lay employees in the 413 parishes of the archdiocese."

Edward Cardinal Egan, who was close to Clark, is not expected to discuss the embarrassing imbroglio anytime soon. "He has not made any public comments, other than the statement we released yesterday," Zwilling said.

Remember, taking a scandal head-on is the exception. This goes double for the press-shy.



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