Monday, August 15, 2005

Celibacy and Money, Part Deux

Frisco Eddie notes: "A $100K secretary and a $2million house in the Hamptons seems to have been squeezed out of St Pats cathedral collections."

Well, Clark had his beach house long before he got to St. Pat's. You can thank the stole fees for that.

But this reminds me of the time I once took up the collection in St. Patrick's Cathedral. It was the First Sunday of Lent, and it was deemed appropriate penance that yours truly carry one of the baskets down the center-side aisle closer to 51st Street. The handle was so damn long -- had to be about 10 or 12 feet -- so it could reach every last person in the pew. By the time I got to the back, the weight of it was... um... considerable. It's not a hurting parish at all. Financially speaking, at least.

So, yes, there you have it. I once had a part in paying Laura DeFilippo's salary. And she never sent me flowers. Boo.

While we're on the topic of The City, the cardinal-archbishop kept a very low profile yesterday:
Egan "did not celebrate a public Mass. He celebrated privately," his spokesman Joseph Zwilling said yesterday, adding, "He is in New York."
Well, it's good to know he didn't completely high-tail it off to Rome. Yet. He probably was able to hear the screaming outside from 452 Madison, though.

[T]he fallout was clearly visible outside the church, where a trio of sign-toting protesters from the city's gay and lesbian communities yelled phrases including, "Shame on Egan! Shame on Clark!"

"We're here to protest the hypocrisy of the church," said Brendan Fay, head of Dignity, a gay Catholic activist group. "To restore confidence and trust of the faithful, there needs to be an apology," he added.

Anyone who's looking for apologies will be waiting a very... long... time.



Blogger Tony said...

They'll be old and grey before that happens. The sinfulness of the sinner does not diminish the truthfulness of the sinner's statements.

I think the vocal gays and lesbians ought to attend to the beam in their eye before they point to the pier in Msgr. Clark's.

15/8/05 21:56  
Blogger Jimmy Mac said...

OK, Tony ... beam us up and be specific just how and to what the G&Ls should attend to in this case. Or are they to blame for Clarke's zipper problems?

16/8/05 02:08  
Blogger Disgusted in DC said...

It's not that gays are to blame for Clark's problems, but it's that Brenden Fay's protests are both cheap and opportunistic. On the other hand, if Clark was having a long-time adulterous affair, he ought not have been so gratuitously anti-homosexual in his sermons and speeches. Clark is not the first vociferously gay-baiting priest who slept with women on the side. Malachi Martin had a mistress and the murdered Father Kunz had a string of women that he seduced.

16/8/05 10:25  

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