Sunday, August 21, 2005

An Action of Love

You'll note that Cardinal Ratzinger's coat of arms still adorns the infulae of his favorite mitre.
By making the bread into his Body and the wine into his Blood, [Jesus] anticipates his death, he accepts it in his heart and he transforms it into an action of love. What on the outside is simply brutal violence, from within becomes an act of total self-giving love. This is the substantial transformation which was accomplished at the Last Supper and was destined to set in motion a series of transformations leading ultimately to the transformation of the world when God will be all in all (cf. 1 Cor 15:28). In their hearts, people always and everywhere have somehow expected a change, a transformation of the world. Here now is the central act of transformation that alone can truly renew the world: violence is transformed into love, and death into life. Since this act transmutes death into love, death as such is already conquered from within, the resurrection is already present in it. Death is, so to speak, mortally wounded, so that it can no longer have the last word. To use an image well known to us today, this is like inducing nuclear fission in the very heart of being – the victory of love over hatred, the victory of love over death. Only this intimate explosion of good conquering evil can then trigger off the series of transformations that little by little will change the world. All other changes remain superficial and cannot save. For this reason we speak of redemption: what had to happen at the most intimate level has indeed happened, and we can enter into its dynamic. Jesus can distribute his Body, because he truly gives himself....

Anyone who has discovered Christ must lead others to him. A great joy cannot be kept to oneself. It has to be passed on. In vast areas of the world today there is a strange forgetfulness of God. It seems as if everything would be just the same even without him. But at the same time there is a feeling of frustration, a sense of dissatisfaction with everyone and everything. People tend to exclaim: “This cannot be what life is about!” Indeed not. And so, together with forgetfulness of God there is a kind of new explosion of religion. I have no wish to discredit all the manifestations of this phenomenon. There may be sincere joy in the discovery. Yet if it is pushed too far, religion becomes almost a consumer product. People choose what they like, and some are even able to make a profit from it. But religion constructed on a “do-it-yourself” basis cannot ultimately help us. It may be comfortable, but at times of crisis we are left to ourselves. Help people to discover the true star which points out the way to us: Jesus Christ! Let us seek to know him better and better, so as to be able to guide others to him with conviction.
From this morning's homily at Marienfeld -- could you imagine JP talking about nuclear fission to young people?!

Fulltext here. Exciting stuff still to come....

PHOTO: Pier Paolo Cito/POOL



Blogger Julie said...

Thank you, Rocco. I learn so much from your blog, and have a lot of fun, while I'm at it! You really should host your own show!

21/8/05 12:37  
Blogger Perry Lorenzo said...

Pope Benedict's texts are amazing and worthy of great study, discussion, and indeed putting into practice! I hope some publisher chooses to put a collection of them out!

Speaking of which, why has no one put out an edition, that collects the magisterial messages of Pope John Paul? Not pious little meditations, but the big encyclicals, apostolic exhortations, and major letters? The "Letter to Artists" alone is amazing!!!!!

21/8/05 14:15  
Blogger Fred said...

I think that the Encyclicals are all in one volume. Try the Daughters of St Paul.

26/12/05 15:52  

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