Sunday, August 21, 2005


Things just keep going up, snowflakes.... The Ticker hit 40,000 this morning.

This is scary.

To recap, from The Ticker's initiation on 4 June, it took 30 days to get to 10K, 22 days from there to 20K, 16 days to 30K and, now, an astonishing 10,000 viewers in 10 days -- a 60% increase in readership during the latter period. I'm really humbled by these figures and can only hope that some good will come of all this and that I don't have to go back to doing PR for strip malls, as I did to pay the bills in the last pontificate. (In that vein, I've entertained the thought of ditching the traditional commentator's uniform and donning a T-shirt that says "WILL PONTIFICATE FOR FOOD" or something of the kind on my TV appearance tomorrow night.)

But, if nothing else, as the news cycle becomes an ever more rapid enterprise, the growth of this outlet serves as unassailable proof that the market is ripe for breaking news and substantive reporting from an informed ecclesiastical perspective. We've seen these past few days the wonders blogs can perform, thanks to all the great coverage from Tim Drake and others in Cologne. As I wrote in a print piece to be published soon, St. Blog's presents a great opportunity but also a challenge, a new manifestation of communion but also one of responsibility.

It seems we're game for all that, right?



Blogger Perry Lorenzo said...

Yes, but Rocco, I read you about 10 times a day, so you should divide that big number down a bit! All my best, Perry Lorenzo

21/8/05 14:13  

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