Monday, July 18, 2005

Who's that Cutie?

Just when you thought Georg Fever was reaching its zenith, Rome's Gay community chimes in. The breathlessness would make a dilettante think that no half-decent looking person had been anywhere near the city in living memory. They forget me so soon... well, I don't qualify in this case.

"Who's that Cutie with the Pope?"
asks a columnist for the LGBT site, which runs the story with a gallery of photos.

The big element here is a further account of the Great Catfight.... "Squeals and insults unbefitting even the worst Drag Queens of the Continent." And then more praise of "this beautiful youth... the new sex symbol of Vatican City," praising his athleticism, calling him "fascinating."

Isn't the latter a quality which can only be determined if you've met someone? Chi sa?

The whole Thorn Birds thing really has to stop. If it doesn't, B16 will have no choice but to send Georg packing. Lust as a sideshow has no place when the main character wears white -- except when Diogenes (La Papessa) rules otherwise.



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