Friday, July 29, 2005

Waiting at the Tomb

From CNS -- the people who turned an oracle into a prophet -- comes this take on the scene in the Vatican Grottoes, four months hence:
The line takes visitors around the outside of St. Peter's Basilica, directly into the underground grotto, past the tomb and outside again. Those who want to visit the church must then get into a short, quick line....

Only a lucky, persistent few have a chance to pray before the tomb.

With the long lines and, especially, pilgrimage groups wanting to see the tomb, the basilica's ushers rather brusquely keep the lines moving.

Visitors who look like they are about to take a photograph of the tomb are asked to refrain. Those who sneak in a shot are snapped at.
Knowing the Romans, everyone's probably kicking and screaming their way down the ropeline. Hands in faces, you name it -- full-contact queueing, as nobody can do like Italians.

Big Sis -- in Rome on special mission -- has gotten requests to bring intentions to be touched to the Tomb. And the guards know better not to mess with her. She's gotten the job done on several occasions and gotten relatively lengthy time to stay and pray. (Pic courtesy of her.)

But the handling of all this leads one to believe that it is not a permanent solution.



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