Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A Trip to the Shallow End

Just to put the Diarmuidhate in perspective, this is the most telling comment on the situation I've found.... Take a wild guess whence it comes.
Diarmuid. Diarmuid? Why does that name sound familiar? It has a definite ring to it. A certain cachet as if it was around before St. Patrick. I wonder if His Excellency considers if he will be a pagan himself or a Christian in the years to come? Is he Christian now? Perhaps we need to rid Ireland of the Martins and fill it with Arinzes!
OK, so Martin is a pagan and Arinze is the savior of the church. If I could plug the brain which came up with such delusion into a transponder, I'd probably see halos around the heads of the Magdalene Sisters.



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