Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Top 15 List

ZENIT has a "Best of the First 100 Days" compilation of excerpts from the speeches of the B16. Definitely worth a long look.... Here are a few.

Ecumenism: "With full awareness, therefore, at the beginning of his ministry in the Church of Rome which Peter bathed in his blood, Peter's current successor takes on as his primary task the duty to work tirelessly to rebuild the full and visible unity of all Christ's followers" -- first message from the Sistine Chapel, April 20.

Interreligious dialogue and dialogue with non-believers: "Aware of this, I address everyone, including the followers of other religions, or those who are simply seeking an answer to the fundamental questions of life and have not yet found it. I address all with simplicity and affection, to assure them that the Church wants to continue to weave an open and sincere dialogue with them, in the search for the true good of the human being and of society" -- first message from the Sistine Chapel, April 20.

Human rights and the defense of life: "The freedom to kill is not true freedom, but a tyranny that reduces the human being to slavery" -- homily during the Mass to take possession of the Basilica of St. John Lateran, May 7.

Family: "The Church cannot cease to proclaim that in accordance with God's plans (cf. Matthew 19:3-9), marriage and the family are irreplaceable and permit no other alternatives" -- letter to Cardinal Alfonso López Trujillo, president of the Pontifical Council for the Family, May 17.

Relativism: "Today, a particularly insidious obstacle to the task of educating is the massive presence in our society and culture of that relativism which, recognizing nothing as definitive, leaves as the ultimate criterion only the self with its desires. And under the semblance of freedom it becomes a prison for each one, for it separates people from one another, locking each person into his or her own 'ego'" -- address to participants in the ecclesial congress of the Diocese of Rome, June 6.

Solidarity: "To make a concrete response to the appeal of our brothers and sisters in humanity, we must come to grips with the first of these challenges: solidarity among generations, solidarity between countries and entire continents, so that all human beings may share more equitably in the riches of our planet. This is one of the essential services that people of good will must render to humanity. The earth, in fact, can produce enough to nourish all its inhabitants, on the condition that the rich countries do not keep for themselves what belongs to all" -- audience to seven new ambassadors to the Holy See, June 16.



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