Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Thought for the Day

The preacher for my St. Anne Novena really kicked it off in a spectacular way last night... These nine days might just be the stuff of legend by the time they wrap.

So he was talking about the difference between knowing faith and living faith, how our parents were taught that to know God is to believe in God, as opposed to faith being what he called "our falling in love with him."

This guy's first assignment was in a high school, while one of his classmates was assigned to a suburban parish -- with the ancillary assignment of being chaplain to a local maximum-security prison. They were talking on the phone one afternoon when the prison chaplain said, "You guys in the high schools do such a good job of teaching faith."

The teacher said, "Thanks -- everyone here really seems to be trying hard, and it's good to know we're doing well at it."

The chaplain replied, "Yeah, at my prison, nine out of 10 inmates are Catholic high school graduates. Congratulations!"

Just something to meditate on....



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