Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Some Have... Issues

Karen Hall of Some Have Hats has gone Pharisee on me, using some DaVinci Code-style hidden authority to banish me to Anglicanism....

Seems somebody's channeling Elmer Gantry. Or Jimmy Swaggart (before "I have sinned"). And they're so Catholic.

Oh well; welcome to my world -- and Karen's NewChurch. I LOVE this rant. Check it:
I'll just point out, for the billionth time, that there already exists a religion wherein women can be priests;
Anyone brilliant enough to *GASP* read a bit would know that I do not support the ordination of women.
priests can be married;
Same goes for the ordination of married men, o Omniscient Oracle.
gay couples can be married; gay married couples can be priests; divorced, formerly married gay singles of either gender can be priests;
Blah, blah, blah.... hate, fear, drama queen, Republican lackey homophobia. I feel like I'm being chewed out by Armstrong Williams.
there's no bunch of evil patriarchs in Rome who will try to tell you what to do,
Honey, if I didn't love Rome, I wouldn't have given blood, sweat and tears to write all this from an informed viewpoint, having spent a lifetime reading all the things you've admitted to not having "the time or the inclination to research."

And they're not "evil patriarchs," sweetheart -- that's what Frances Kissling calls them.
and no one really cares what you think the bread is. They'll love you to death there. Go save the gay whales. Godspeed.
OK, so I get skittish about a biased stampede against the licit acts ministry of a Catholic bishop in communion with the Apostolic See, and the Sanhedrin casts me as the enemy of the "church." Somebody get me an asbestos jacket.

Be careful, LA rabbles. Those who encourage discord with a bishop's acts of ministry are open to sanctions (the very same ones you demand for pro-choice politicians) under the norms of canon law -- but I guess that, in this sect of whim, fantasy and cooked intelligence which is being created before our eyes, the Roman Code is for Episcopalians.

If the enemies of Mahony wish to end the sniping once and for all, then they should get a canonist (well, one who acknowledges the validity of the 1983 Code) and prepare a legal case for heresy to argue before the Roman Rota in Rome. Those who spend time *GASP* reading as opposed to screaming know about this place. But let's work to expand Karen's horizons.... I'm told she's not the biggest fan of official church courts. Except when she's the one doing the judging, it seems....

For the skittish, the appellate tribunal of Catholicism has no qualms ruling against bishops, provided the merits of the case are evident on an objective analysis. You won't see the auditors chanting "Mahony! Devil! Mahony! Devil!" before a hearing.

Then again, anything less would be bias in the eyes of Karen's Kangaroo Court -- the organ of justice in NewChurch....

Who said they liked it the old way?

Think you've got the goods on Roger, snowflakes? Then go for broke and send your votum. (I'll even give you the address.) If not, then stop the Pian pity party and leave the church alone.

Until the dream of lasting peace is achieved, I will say my rosaries (in Latin) and anoint myself with some St. Philomena oil. And maybe -- just maybe -- when the oil sucks out my un-Christian intellect and I am reduced to a bullhorn, making inane, sensationalist, erroneous statements out of the heat of rage, maybe then could I enter this NewChurch of those who by their own anointing know the mind of Jesus and aren't afraid to cast aspersions in his name.

A good Pope has the last word:

"In the daily exercise of our pastoral office, we sometimes have to listen, much to our regret, to voices of persons who, though burning with zeal, are not endowed with too much sense of discretion or measure. In these modern times they can see nothing but prevarication and ruin.

"We feel we must disagree with those prophets of gloom, who are always forecasting disaster.... Divine Providence is leading us to a new order of human relations, which by men's own efforts and even beyond their very expectations, are directed towards the fulfillment of God's superior and inscrutable designs....

"And everything, even human differences, leads to the greater good of the church."

Human differences lead to the greater good so long as we see them as merely human differences and not distort them into self-serving disparities of communion. Down with this wifty NewChurch.




Blogger CDE said...

Um, Rocco, what happened to the commandments?

Three observations:

1) Condescension is unbecoming anywhere it appears.

2) Cardinal Mahony is not the Church. The Church is a communion. Involves all the clergy and the laity. Includes the living and the dead. People have been complaining about Cardinal Mahony, precisely because he has been asserting his individuality at every turn. When will he start demonstrating his desire to be part of the communion of the Church?

3) Canon law actually does speak of the rights and duties of lay people in matters concerning the good of the Church. Redemptionis Sacramentum specifically references this canon.

7/7/05 00:58  
Blogger Tony said...

This article has been Tracked.

7/7/05 11:22  
Blogger Laura Gonzalez said...

Right on Rocco. It seems I have had a few posts removed from the fair Amy's blog (her perogative, of course), for telling the purveyors of gloom and doom that it must be really sad the Church doesn't do what they want it to do. Obviously they know so much more than anybody else and everything would be much better if Rome would just listen.

I agree, hate Mahoney and other Princes of Darkness? Don't understand how they could even be considered Catholic? Then, in much less florid language than Sr. Palmo, poop or get off the pot. Stop blogging your hatred and start making some phone calls and writing letters.

Laura Gonzalez

7/7/05 19:14  
Blogger Disgusted in DC said...

I've never been a big Cardinal Mahony fan for lots of reasons. But, much of the criticism against him by Wanderer-esque Catholics are quite unhinged, including Karen Hall's. Others are quite malicious. For instance, the insinuation by a certain someone that Cardinal Mahony is not in communion with the Church is defamatory.

"Be careful, LA rabbles. Those who encourage discord with a bishop's acts of ministry are open to sanctions (the very same ones you demand for pro-choice politicians) under the norms of canon law -- but I guess that, in this sect of whim, fantasy and cooked intelligence which is being created before our eyes, the Roman Code is for Episcopalians."

Thank you, Rocco! Behold, Canon 1373:

"A person who publicly incites his or her subjects to hatred or animosity against the Apostolic See or the Ordinary because of some act of ecclesiastical authority or ministry, or who provokes the subjects to disobedience against them, is to be punished by interdict or other just penalties."

Some of the antics of the Hate Mahony crowd clearly warrants some sort of punishment, like interdict. For once, I would like to see a bishop actually take on the poisonous crackpots in their midst, making it clear to them that they cannot expect to remain in public good standing with the Church if they continue to publicly behave in that manner.


7/7/05 20:39  
Blogger Disgusted in DC said...

To give Karen her due, I just notice that she apologized for her post. Just thought I'd say...

7/7/05 20:46  
Blogger CDE said...

It's these sort of comments that led me to compare the situation of Cardinal Mahony to that of an addict. I don't quite fathom the motivations of those running to his defense and blasting anyone who would criticize him. It reminds me of the child of an alcoholic, who feels some obligation to maintain the toxic fiction that all is well.

8/7/05 09:11  

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