Saturday, July 30, 2005

Scribes and Cardinal-Haters

From the "And They'll Know that We Are Catholics By our Anger" Desk, this week's award goes to those bullhorns of little faith on CWNews.

Uncle Ted -- who isn't going anywhere just yet, I'm told -- wants to establish an archdiocesan community of women religious in The District, a la Uncle Jack's Sisters of Life or the diocesan communities that That Fabe is establishing in Lincoln. And the reaction from the world's looniest comment boards?
I'll admit it, I do get discouraged. A REAL shot in the arm for me would be to hear that Card. McCarricks resignation has been accepted. Also, would be good to learn that the "diocesan sisterhood" has begun, and is flourishing in love & orthodoxy in service to the Church in Wash., DC... and it's new Cardinal Archbishop.

I'm still waiting for the verification that Pope Benedict has accepted Cardinal McCarricks retirement papers and for the name of his successor.
There are more princesses on those boards than in your average Middle Eastern sultanate. Why does that first one get discouraged? Sure ain't the Good Cardinal's fault.... I am reminded of the recent words of another smart, trusted prelate: "I am amazed at the insecurity that surrounds the faith of so many. A relationship which engenders insecurity, anxiety, and fear is not the Christian relationship of faith in God."

For my part, I just love the delicious irony -- absolutely sumptuous -- that the insecure people who love banging others on the head with terms such as "Cafeteria's closed," "The church is not a democracy," and howling their Trojan-horse "Magisteriummmm" act as if the cafeteria's wide open (for them), the church is a democracy (for them) and that the interpretation of their beloved word belongs to them and not the competent authority which they feel free to accept or dismiss on a whim. And Fascism will come to America disguised as 100% Americanism.

You couldn't find such high-grade hypocrisy if you paid for it.



Blogger Rocco Palmo said...

Hmm... call me naieve, but I don't see replacing kindness with venom, ditching warmth with warfare, as the recipe for "a better and more faithful time."

Said it before, will say it again, pricks do not make for orthodox people.

30/7/05 14:00  

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