Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Redecorating the Diocese

You can take the boy out of Philly....

Back in February, Michael Bransfield -- the fiscal whiz who is our equivalent of Donald Trump, sans the model-wives -- became bishop of Wheeling-Charleston, West Virginia.

So what's a local boy to do in them thar hills? What we always do to make a place feel like home: Make Purple Rain.

Bransfield announced the other day that, on his recommendation, a priest of the diocese had been named a monsignor, the first purple to fall on West Virginia in over a generation.

You have to understand, Purple Rain is seen as a gift of God here. Lay honors, schmay honors -- Msgr. Prince was onto our culture when he made a movie exalting the color.

I'm told that the Good Bishop is currently on a trip to Rome. Given his impressive record at the National Shrine, don't be surprised if the Sistine Choir was assembled to hail his arrival by singing the theme to "The Apprentice."



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