Friday, July 22, 2005

Rage Becomes Her

From the "Gin, Lace and Backbiting" Desk, Diogenes, Queen of Mean is grinding an ax on John Allen's report on the Italian cleric booted over abuse allegations:
There's lots worthy of comment in this story, and in the story behind the story. In particular, Allen's oblique mention of this "document ... obtained by NCR" is intriguing. Obtained how? This wouldn't seem to be the kind of material that Cardinal Ratzinger would have left behind on a bus. And the unnamed sources (plural) that supplied the details of Burresi's confessional violations are remarkable both for their access and for their indiscretion -- if it is an indiscretion -- in leaking the document to John Allen. One wonders whether this apparent breach of confidentiality is connected with the change of command at the CDF, and how Archbishop Levada will respond to the challenge.
Well, first off, JLA himself says that the Italian bishops publicized the "contents of the decree" on July 19, so this wasn't much of a surprise to anyone plugged-in in Rome. This is the Lawler crowd at their spurious depth of envy, trying to divide the CDF and railroad Levada before he even gets to Rome. That's pretty gracious, no?

Surely, Papa Benedetto would be very appreciative.

If CWNews had this document and information with the quality of the sourcework involved, I doubt their mascot would be screaming about "indiscretions" of curial officials -- they'd be crowing over their coup, demonizing gay priests and raising money! But they got beat, so they're trying to compensate by faking some righteous indignation and crying about a "fortuitous leak."

Especially in this business, people, news is built on sources and disclosure, and there's no reason why this falls out of bounds -- well, those who didn't get the scoop can't recognize that, but it's the truth.

So abuse judgments rendered beyond appeal by the Pope should stay quiet? That's a constructive strategy -- isn't that same secrecy what got us into this mess in the first place, no? And if anyone's going to critique the story, I'd rather it come from those who don't want to see the Mahareshi launched out of a cannon while rifling through his Rolodex.



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