Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Pharaoh Road Show

Posted earlier than usual, this week's Catholic Standard & Times (or, as it's known in town, Highlights for Catholics) serves as a travelogue of my archbishop's month-long European jaunt.... It wasn't just preparing a slate of American appointments while Georg Fabulous and the CDF people weren't looking, you know.

There's the papal audience (complete with happy portrait), the meeting with the president of Lebanon (a nod to Rigali the Diplomat) and a warning about "liberal pressure groups" opposing Archbishop Bush's Supreme Court Nominee, who the Puppet Paper (as opposed to the People Paper) has given its stamp as a "pro-life" jurist... Do they know something we don't?

As always, it makes for amusing reading -- just this side of The Wanderer. I yearn for the glory days of John Foley's editorship, when the Inquirer wasn't Philly's only source of hard, smart church news.

Foley, come home!



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